Observability, with Honeycomb

Observability is what we need in a world where most problems are the convergence of three, five, 10+ different things failing at once. Platforms that incorporate multiple components always produce a long tail of new questions to ask.

We built Honeycomb to answer those questions–to deal with microservices, serverless, distributed systems, polyglot persistence, containers, CI/CD–and build an understanding of how your systems and software actually work. You can’t debug what you can’t know.

Start solving high-cardinality problems in minutes.


“After spending 10 years at Google I thought I had a good handle on the different techniques to monitor what is going on with services. But Honeycomb changes the game by supporting fast exploration over high cardinality data. It has super powers over traditional monitoring.”


Founder and CTO, Heptio

“We’ve been through a few metrics products. When you try to break data down by high-cardinality fields like customer app IDs, or even host IDs, it just kind of breaks their UIs and increases cost many times because everything is stored individually as separate time series.”

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Product Engineer, Intercom

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